MCII Events at the June Climate Talks in Bonn

From 4-15 June 2014, Parties to the UNFCCC will meet at the 40th meeting of the SBSTA and SBI as well as the June session of the ADP. In this important intersessional in the run up to COP-20 (Lima, December 2014), MCII will be supporting the negotiations with a constant presence at the conference.

In particular, MCII will feature the following events during the June SBs:

MCII Press Briefing at SB40: 6 June, 11:30-12:00

Building Resilience With Climate Risk Insurance


  • Dr. Koko Warner, Executive Director Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)
  • Ms. Sobiah Becker, Project Manager Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)
  • Ms. Kristina Yuzva, Project Associate Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)

Friday, 6 June, 11:30-12:00

Room HAYDN (Hotel Maritim, Bonn)

Damages from extreme weather events amount to US$ 1.3 billion in low-income countries and US $ 6.8 billion in lower middle income countries annually. During and after floods, storms and heavy rainfall, the most vulnerable communities are the hardest hit as they have limited or no coping capacity.

Communities, local authorities and international decision makers are looking for new ways to protect livelihoods and build resilience in the run-up to major paradigm shifting decisions in 2015: The post 2015 Development Agenda, a new climate agreement, a new international agreement on disaster risk reduction and Humanitarian World Summit. The Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII), is developing index insurance approaches for climate change related risks in an effort to offset the negative impacts of climate change on low-income populations.

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Press Contact:

  • Janine Kandel Communication Officer United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security
    Tel: +49-228-815-0219 | E-mail: | Web:
  • Sijia Yi Communication Associate United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security
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MCII Side Event at SB40: 6 June, 11:30-12:00

Climate resilience & insurance: tying national & community efforts to 2015 policy priorities

This side event aims to provide constant support to the negotiations, with relevance to particular discussions including the Warsaw International Mechanisms on Loss & Damage, and to outline broader policy recommendations for meeting the challenge of a meaningful climate agreement by 2015.

MCII features an expert panel that will showcase how the application of innovative risk transfer and insurance solutions can unlock benefits for building resilience in the context of comprehensive disaster risk management. Presentations will highlight results from MCII's own projects and explain what role insurance can play in supporting climate resilient development pathways as part of a wider risk management framework.

Date & Time:
12 June 2014, 13:15-14:45

Room TRAM (Ministry of Transport)