Decision for Action: Perspectives on implementing evidence-based climate finance


The report of the Global Commission on Adaptation highlights the need for new approaches in understanding risk, planning adaptation, as well as financing resilience strategies.

Bringing together public officials, academia, development actors, and the private sector, this session will discuss how to implement climate resilience strategies, financing disaster risk through adaptation, retention and transfer.


The session will (1) highlight the centrality of risk understanding in ensuring that climate risk finance is successful, pro-poor and inclusive, (2) it will discuss best practices from the field (e.g. CRAIC project), (3) identify challenges for risk transfer and adaptation finance, (4) showcase innovative uses of catastrophe risk models (ETH Zurich), (5) collate experience from the private sector in financing climate resilience, (6) offer testimonials from countries representatives and development agencies (7), and evidence how to unlock access to climate finance.

Time and Location

Dec 11, 2019 | 10:30-12:00 | EU Pavilion, Room Helsinki