Integrated Climate Risk Management Toolbox Workshop

Summary Description:

The meeting will bring together different government officials and planners from various national institutions involved in the different processes of climate and disaster risk management with a focus on developing countries. The main goal is to assess current benefits and challenges of integrating risk transfer and insurance into overall climate risk management strategies in developing countries.

By consulting government officials from developing countries and expert planners, this meeting seeks to:

  • Engage delegates and experts to analyze the challenges and benefits of integrating climate risk insurance into their national adaptation strategies and disaster risk management plans.
  • Discuss and gather different cross-disciplinary perspectives to ascertain where insurance could pro-actively contribute to other existing risk management measures in developing countries.
  • Determine the value of government officials using a climate risk insurance toolbox for operations and planning across key departments in the agricultural sector.
  • Provide networking and partnership opportunities for delegates attending COP23.

Expected outcomes of the meeting:

  • Participants gain a sneak preview of the existing Toolbox on Climate Risk Transfer for developing countries and find an early copy after publication.
  • Delegates learn and share their experiences on national adaptation planning and disaster risk management from their respective countries.
  • Organisers gather valuable recommendations on how a Toolbox on Climate Risk Transfer for developing countries can be further developed as well as their inputs on the findings of the Toolbox testing in Ghana.

Panel Speakers:

  • tbc (BMUB): High-level Welcome Note
  • Soenke Kreft (MCII): Setting the Scene and the Need for Integrated Climate Risk Management
  • Matthias Range (GIZ): Enabling Climate-resilient Development Pathways
  • Gaby Ramm: Developing an Integrated Climate Risk Management Approach
  • Charlotte Norman (NADMO): Applying Insurance as a Tool to Address Climate Risk in Ghana
  • Open Discussion with Participants


Download the Workshop Concept Note Initiates file downloadhere