Jamaicans to benefit from the Livelihood Protection Policy (LPP)

The Jamaica International Insurance Company (JIIC) officially launched the Livelihood Protection Policy (LPP) island-wide, starting on 8 October 2013. After JIIC pitched the LPP in the parish of St. Thomas, with St. Thomas Credit Union as the designated distribution channel, in September, the local insurer now introduces the policy to the overall market in Jamaica.

On Tuesday, 8 October, JIIC hosted the launch event chaired by Mr. Courtney Campbell (GraceKennedy Financial Group), at the Courtleigh Hotel in Kingston. The launch featured remarks by Mr. Don Wehby (CEO, GraceKennedy Ltd.) and Mrs. Grace Burnett (Managing Director, JIIC) as well as Ms. Sobiah Becker (Project Manager, MCII), Mr. Isaac Anthony (CEO, CCRIF) and his Excellency Ambassador Mr. Josef Beck (Germany).

You can download the programme of the launch event Initiates file downloadhere.

Read JIIC's press release Initiates file downloadhere.

Remarks by Mr. Isaac Anthony (CEO, CCRIF) on how the introduction of the LPP is in line with the Vision 2013 Jamaica - National Development Plan Initiates file downloadread more.

Ms Sobiah Becker (Project Manager, MCII) explains how the LPP is embedded in the project's wider focus Initiates file downloadread more.

With the Atlantic Hurricane season still going on, the LPP will offer effective protection against losses from extreme weather events even after the end of the Hurricane season. Low-income clients across Jamaica will be enabled to better cope with the economic downturns after a damaging weather event by offering a cash payout which is triggered once certain thresholds of rainfall or wind speed are reached.