MCII supports Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation (GCEA)

Since this week, MCII is a member of the organisations involved in setting up the Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation (GCEA).

The establishment of the GCEA will be lead by the Netherlands, Japan and UNEP and aims to address the growing need for support among countries, institutions and businesses to deal with issues related to climate change adaptation.

The Centre will support those that struggle to put climate adaptation effectively into practice, in all parts of the world. It will collect lessons from recently executed policies, programmes and projects and use those to develop guidance to accelerate climate adaptation. The resulting pool of global knowledge and know-how to understand what works and what doesn’t will be used to support countries, communities and companies to successfully integrate climate adaptation into their investment decisions. In that way, every new road, every construction, every crop field becomes an opportunity to become more resilient.

MCII looks forward to contributing to this initiative!

Find the full press release, including a list of all the organisations involved Initiates file downloadhere.