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  • Christine Lagarde, Managing Director IMF, recommends Caribbean countries "improve the institutional setup of disaster management", and, "strengthen catastrophic risk insurance frameworks" [read more]
  • MCII & GIZ Host Workshop: Innovative Insurance Solutions for Climate Change in a Comprehensive Risk Management Approach - Developing a Toolkit [read more]
  • MCII's activities at the UNFCCC June Climate Talks in Bonn [read more]
  • Buying Insurance Against Climate Change: The New York Times [read more]
  • Leading insurance CEOs Confirm Geneva Association Climate Risk Statement [read more]
  • Changing Climate, Changing Behavior: How Can Agricultural Microinsurance Incentivize Adaptation to Climate Change? [read more]
  • CCRIF to expand coverage to Central American countries [read more]
  • Integrating insurance into country-driven climate risk management approaches: MCII and GIZ to host upcoming workshop on developing resilient climate risk management approaches at the national level [read more]
  • MCII launches Livelihood Protection Policy (LPP) in Grenada [read more] 
  • EC Global pays out to LPP subscribers after heavy rainfall in late December 2013 [read more]
  • Unexpected Heavy Rains Hit Saint Lucia on Christmas Eve 2013 [read more]
  • MCII launches the Livelihood Protection Policy (LPP) in Jamaica [read more]
  • MCII at the UNISDR Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction, in Geneva [read more]
  • International Microinsurance Conference hails parametric insurance products as 'ground breaking'
  • MCII workshop: Climate Risk Insurance and Integrated Climate Risk Management. [Read more]
  • Find out what role insurance can play in managing climate change-related loss and damage [here]
  • MCII hosts a Workshop on Climate Risk Insurance in the Context of Adaptation and Loss & Damage in Barbados
  • MCII and UNFCCC jointly conducted a literature review on approaches to address loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change.


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